Gorazd Bezjak - The fleet of king Zvonimir
The fleet of king Zvonimir, oil on canvas – 190 x 140 cm
20. siječnja 2019.
Gorazd Bezjak - Blessed Alojzije Stepinac
Blessed Alojzije Stepinac – 200 x 160 cm
20. siječnja 2019.

The arrival of Croats, oil on canvas – 200 x 150 cm

The king of Franks, Charles the Great called for support from Croats to attack the Avars in the Pannonian Plain. Under the leadership of Duke Vojnomir in 795, Croats have pushed the Avars from the Pannonian Plain and have spread out all the way to the Adriatic Sea.
The original homeland of Croats is considered to be in Czechia by the river Elbe. The painting depicts the arrival of Croats to the Adriatic Sea, presumably close to today's city of Solin. Along with the study of various figures, it shows the main characteristics of clothes and weapons of the time.


About the cycle

There are over 500 figures in these 14 paintings, a large part of it being portraits of famous Croatian personalities. The painted canvases span over a 47,12 m2 surface. The technique used was oil on canvas and the execution itself took about 5 years to finish.All the subjects have been thoroughly studied and, with an abundance of sketches and help form multiple archives, this cycle was created.

Croatian history

The paintings were custom made for a client and they create a unique collection which has never before been done on this scale. Although each painting speaks a thousand words, a short description of each painting is provided for better understanding of the subject at hand.

Other paintings

  • Raising the flag on Knin fortress, oil on canvas – 190 x 140 cm

    For centuries Croats have fought for independence against various avaricious invaders from many sides. This painting shows the final realization of a centuries long dream, with a few main figures a victorious Croatian people and the Croatian flag on the Knin fortress.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Raising the flag on Knin fortress
  • Victory of good, oil on canvas – 220 x 180 cm

    The world, though home to sin and evil, also has a lot of good to offer as shown in this painting. The beauty of living is shown through children's play, happy faces and figures who did a lot to benefit the world we live in. A few youthful scenes, altruism in the shape of mother Teresa, help given to the old, advancement of the world depicted in the academic dresses, all reveal optimism and belief in the victory of good over evil.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Victory of good
  • Betrayal – The Hague trial, oil on canvas – 220 x 180 cm

    The painting introduces the main figures of the Hague trial - Ante Gotovina, Markač, Praljak, Norac, Kordić and Glavaš facing the traitors. Presiding judge Meron and Carla del Ponte along with other familiar political lobbies at the table complete this unique composition of positive and negative sides of history.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Betrayal - The Hague trial