Gorazd Bezjak has graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1974 with professors R. Mišević and Đ. Bošan. He is an independent artist who took part in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

Few words about Gorazd Bezjak

His paintings can be found in public and private collections in more than 30 countries including Italy (Travois, Venezia, Rome, Vatican), Germany (München, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Köln), Austria (Wien, Graz), Switzerland (Basel, Geneva), Australia (Sydney, Canberra) and USA (Ohio, New York, Michigan etc.).
He was also engaged in the restoration of wall paintings of Catholic churches in Croatia and Bosnia. These include Bistrica (Gornji Vakuf) in 1978, Majdan, Derventa (restoration) in 1982, Zenica (restoration of St. Joseph's church), Kaštel Novi (in terms of problem solving as well as painting) in 1979 and Pleternica (where he completely painted the church walls) in 1987.