Gorazd Bezjak

Hi, I am Gorazd Bezjak,
based in Zagreb - Croatia.

I am autor with a wide range of painting techniques. However, I mainly paint with oil on canvas and watercolors.

Call me: +385 (0)99 7520 049orwrite me: gorazd.bezjak.art@gmail.com
  • Raising the flag on Knin fortress, oil on canvas – 190 x 140 cm

    For centuries Croats have fought for independence against various avaricious invaders from many sides. This painting shows the final realization of a centuries long dream, with a few main figures a victorious Croatian people and the Croatian flag on the Knin fortress.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Raising the flag on Knin fortress
  • Victory of good, oil on canvas – 220 x 180 cm

    The world, though home to sin and evil, also has a lot of good to offer as shown in this painting. The beauty of living is shown through children's play, happy faces and figures who did a lot to benefit the world we live in. A few youthful scenes, altruism in the shape of mother Teresa, help given to the old, advancement of the world depicted in the academic dresses, all reveal optimism and belief in the victory of good over evil.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Victory of good
  • Betrayal – The Hague trial, oil on canvas – 220 x 180 cm

    The painting introduces the main figures of the Hague trial - Ante Gotovina, Markač, Praljak, Norac, Kordić and Glavaš facing the traitors. Presiding judge Meron and Carla del Ponte along with other familiar political lobbies at the table complete this unique composition of positive and negative sides of history.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Betrayal - The Hague trial
  • Creation of new Croatia – 280 x 180 cm

    The composition of the painting itself forms a cross, the symbol of martyrdom. Croatian people have been through many sufferings and in the 1990s, led by Franjo Tudžman, they finally created their own independent country.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Creation of new Croatia
  • The suffering of Croatian people – Bleiburg, oil on canvas – 280 x 180 cm

    Today Bleiburg stands as a synonym, symbol and metaphor for all Croatian suffering from the side of communist “victors” in 1945. It is from Bleiburg that the imprisoned soldiers and civilians started on horrific death marches. Today these casualties are a symbol of Croatian suffering and have surely been one of the most difficult for the Croatian people.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Bleiburg
  • The fleet of king Zvonimir, oil on canvas – 190 x 140 cm

    During the reign of king Zvonimir Croatia was a maritime superpower. The painting depicts the king with his fleet.

    Gorazd Bezjak - The fleet of king Zvonimir
  • The arrival of Croats, oil on canvas – 200 x 150 cm

    The king of Franks, Charles the Great called for support from Croats to attack the Avars in the Pannonian Plain. Under the leadership of Duke Vojnomir in 795, Croats have pushed the Avars from the Pannonian Plain and have spread out all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

  • Blessed Alojzije Stepinac – 200 x 160 cm

    The scene depicts the blessed Alojzije Stepinac blessing mothers and their children. It shows different types of people radiating the faith that Alojzije was spreading and stayed true to all his life. He did not falter even under the loathful regime of that time. He stays forever in the hearts of Croatian people.

    Gorazd Bezjak - Blessed Alojzije Stepinac
  • Ban Jelačić, oil on canvas 200 x 100 cm

    Josip ban Jelačić Bužimski, one of the most beloved figures in Croatian history, is depicted on a white horse with a raised saber, symbolising victory. He is surrounded by his soldiers whose uniforms are historically accurate in their presentation.

    Gorazd Bezjak
    Gorazd Bezjak - Ban Jelačić
  • Croatian Bulwark of Christendom, oil on canvas – 200 x 150 cm

    This painting depicts the Croatian shield with its red and white fields and horse riders as the bulwark in front of various attackers. This is the crest that brought the final victory in Croatian War of Independence.

  • Stjepan Radić, oil on canvas 200×160 cm

    One of the brightest figures in Croatian history, Stjepan Radić is shown among his people as one of them - decisive, just and honorable. As such, he couldn't be accepted in politics of the East at the time and was executed.

  • Pope John Paul II – arrival in Croatia – oil on canvas, 200 x 160 cm

    A great friend of Croatia, pope John Paul II is shown blessing the Croatian people. There are also famous people from Croatian history and citizens who welcomed pope.

  • Coronation of king Tomislav, oil on canvas – 200 x 150 cm

    Tomislav was crowned at the field of Duvno with an escort of his vassals and faithful subjects. The painting shows his procession through a delighted array of people.

    Gorazd Bezjak Coronation of king Tomislav
  • Baptism of Croats, oil on canvas – 200 x 150 cm

    Croats were among the first to accept christianity and stay true to it until present day. The painting depicts the main symbol- the cross and the humble people accepting the religion.

Gorazd Bezjak

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